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Tennis Anyone?

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steps to better tennis

Why Play Tennis?

Tennis is a game that has the power to be so enjoyable and so fascinating that it can become pleasantly compulsive and almost addictive.

There is nothing quite like spinning a serve into a corner for an ace, or punching a volley for a clean winner, or cracking a vigorous overhead smash, or gently floating a drop shot just over the net, or maneuvering an opponent off court and then hitting the ball solidly to the opposite side -- and sometimes all of these shots are executed within the space of minutes.

training principles

Tennis isn’t all about hitting your groundstrokes and returning the shots. The tennis game requires two critical elements, one is the physical aspect in which you have to be in good shape and be able to hit the strokes and the other is about the mental aspect.

Therefore, to play winning tennis, your knowledge must be broad and thorough. Mastery of the mind is the crucial factor that tips the balance in favor of the winner.

Start taking lessons early. These skills will help you for the rest of your lives. Our goal is not to turn you into a professional, but to give you the tools for success that will make the game more enjoyable. Fundamentals are necessary for cutting down on injuries and increase longevity in the game.

It appears that the more skillful the player, the more enjoyment is gained.

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Tennis is great fun to play, and that is why many people play tennis, and it is the primary reason to learn the game.

Playing tennis on a regular basis can help maintain or improve balance, mobility, agility, strength and fitness. It also helps burn calories. According to Cleveland Clinic Heart and Vascular Institute  exercise physiologist and avid tennis player Gordon Blackburn, Ph.D., research shows that three hours of moderate aerobic exercise every week can cut the risk of developing heart disease by 50 percent. "Playing tennis at a moderate to vigorous intensity on a regular basis," says Dr. Blackburn, "is a good way to get your aerobic exercise. You'll exercise your muscles and burn calories. Tennis can even help lower your blood pressure. All of that helps reduce your risk of developing heart disease or of having a cardiovascular event, such as a heart attack or stroke."

Health benefit
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