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Tennis Anyone?

Training Principles

mental development

Building Blocks Programs

Athletes who train without a program designed specifically for their personal needs will never reach their full potential. It is essential that the coach and athlete clearly understand the overall objectives of the training program and how each training session contributes to these objectives

your mind


 this program involves establishing basic techniques on ground strokes, volleys and serves. A combination of drills, footwork exercises and fun activities (games) will be carried out with the intention of providing both fitness and enjoyment whilst improving your tennis skills

INTERMEDIATE...... Participants should be able to perform basic tennis skills. Problem areas will be addressed as well as improving your current skill level. The course will emphasize footwork, consistency, and power whilst incorporating tactical play into your game.

CIRCUIT..... Get fit while improving your tennis! Each session will involve hitting drills, court speed and footwork drills. In total, a workout that will benefit players of all standards and fitness levels.

strength traiining

This course is designed to provide you with some drills to improve your skills and then some match play to put it into practice.  This is a great opportunity to work on your game and improve your match play.

Keiko - inertia-in-tennis

Mental game makes the difference between winners and losers!

It's the perfect situation. You're moving your opponent all around the court. Everything looks easy, you start wondering about who your next opponent will be. But suddenly, you can't keep the ball in the court anymore. Your great forehand simply stops working. You completely lose the control of the match (and your temper) and what should have been an easy victory becomes a 6-3 6-1 defeat.

How many times has this happened to you? Well, you are not the only one. You may be the hardest hitter or the faster runner, but you want to win more matches you have to improve your MENTAL GAME.

Kimura -

Why You Should Never Be Intimidated By Your Opponent's Talent
One of the toughest things to deal with mentally can be when you are hitting up with your opponent before a match, and they are showing you an absolutely awesomely wide repertoire or arsenal of shots that they possess!
Some opponents during the hitup - rather than hitting their groundstrokes within your general range when you are at the net - will prefer to display to you their acutely angles passing shots, topspin lobs or flat-out blasts of power - purely as an intimidation tactic!
When this happens however (and it will happen), never, ever be worried about this - this does not mean you are going to lose the match. The flair and talent your opponent displays in this very low-pressure environment of the hitup will count for absolutely nothing - once they are forced to try and hit these shots under the true pressure of a match.
Tennis history is scattered with countless sad stories of incredibly talented and hugely gifted players who never managed to take full advantage of this enormous talent - often because they relied too much on their talent and simply did not work as hard, or become as mentally tough, as the less-talented players. Talent alone these days simply doesn't cut it anymore - they have to put in the work as well (physically and mentally). So if you've put in the work, you have nothing to worry about.
And so even if you feel that your opponent has more shots, flair and touch than you do, don't worry - there are still many ways for you to win. If you're fit enough, you can always outlast them, and if you're mentally tough enough, you will relentlessly wear them down. Talent alone is not enough - always remember this.
Sure - these ultra-talents often begin their matches with a flurry of huge winners and aces - but it's not a case of what your opponent can do in the match, it's a case of "how long can they continue to do it?".
Often the answer is: not long enough! The longer you stay in the match, and the more you can continue to (at least) remain even with them score-wise at the beginning of the first set (and withstand the initial onslaught) - the better your chances of running out a routine 6-4 6-1 win.
The key is - never to begin the match feeling intimidated by their sheer talent, power, speed, spin, or whatever - the truly important thing will be what they can bring out when under pressure.